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Based on some faux-Disney attraction posters that I had created on my own, I was hired to create a set of seven posters for the Hong Kong Disneyland park opening on September 15, 2005. The producer that hired me wanted to preserve the silk-screened look of the original 1950s-era attraction posters, and though we had to make a few concessions I think we came pretty close to succeeding.Actual size of the posters is 30 by 45 inches. (Attraction posters are a long-standing tradition at Disney theme parks: they’re placed in the entry way to the park to promote the exciting things to see and do. They also decorate the occasional blank wall within the park.)







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  1. Greg – do you know of if and where you can buy these posters, specifically the Winnie the Pooh Attraction one? We are decorating my son’s room in Pooh and would love to have that one. I’ve called Disneyland and they do not have the Critter Country version at the Gallery or Print-on-Demand. Also, this summer they did not carrry them at Hong Kong Disneyland. Thanks in advance and they look amazing!!!


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