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The most exciting theme park attractions do something to fool my eye, whether it’s the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion ballroom, Roger Rabbit’s “Portable Hole,” or the Tower of Terror’s infinite hallway. Given the extreme control theme park rides have over the speed and direction of the guest, it would seem like there are rich opportunities to use a parallax scrolling technique to make an interior space seem dramatically bigger; unfortunately, this trick isn’t used nearly as often as I’d expect, especially in low-budget rides, where I think it could add a lot at a very low cost.

Here’s a decidedly not-low-budget concept I drew up for a way to employ the trick in a large circular space:

Click to download a PDF

Click to download a PDF

So: will this actually work? I’m not sure; it’ll take some 3-D modelling of the space to really figure out. But I think the idea is promising.

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