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An Imagineer I met at Disney mentioned that his first assignment at the company was to design a popcorn cart. He shared this in an effort to make the work sound not-at-all-glamorous (it didn’t work), and it occurred to me that if I wanted to get into the theme park business, designing a popcorn cart was probably a more typical task than, say, designing an entire park or attraction.

With that in mind, here’s the popcorn cart I created, themed toward Tokyo DisneySea’s steampunk-inspired Mysterious Island. What you see here was not created for Disney, but instead done for my own portfolio.

Popcorn Cart (400 pixels wide)

I like how it turned out, though my one critique is a fundamental one: it looks a little too much like “a popcorn cart themed to Mysterious Island.” A stronger approach would have made it look like some other piece of hardware that’s been converted into a popcorn cart. My approach almost implies that Captain Nemo (Mysterious Island’s “creator”) spent his spare time designing popcorn carts…unlikely. Far more likely that someone else take one of his creations and turn it into something “trivial.”

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