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A trailer for my documentary, The Future of Pinball (as of 2007, now entitled “TILT”.)

FOP Titles

I created this animated sequence in TILT in an attempt to shorten a three-minute-long discussion of the structure of the pinball industry into about 15 seconds. Like other graphics in the film, it utilizes a ’60s-era pinball aesthetic.

Chain of Command image

Click here to view the completed title animation for TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball.

TILT Title

Back when I was thinking of starting a casual games company, I created this mock-up for a word game based on a metaphor of an eye chart. The Jobim music in the background is an attempt to make the music sound like “waiting room” music at a doctor’s office. I also created a custom “Snellen” font that looked like eye chart type (Snellen charts don’t use all 26 letters, so I had to make up an appearance for some of them.)

Click on the image to watch the video:

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