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You may or may not be familiar with MAME, an absolutely amazing piece of software that lets you run on your PC or Mac virtually any arcade video game that ever existed, from Space Invaders to Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat. Seeing MAME for the first time inspired a deep, deep desire in me to build an arcade cabinet that could play all video games known to man, which I did. The only problem is that MAME is very tricky to use…and arcade games shouldn’t be. To help solve that problem, I wrote a piece of software in Java that makes it easy to run MAME video games, displaying them as if they were songs on a ’60s-era jukebox. Click on the image below to see what the front-end looks like, or visit the Jukebox web site for further details.

Jukebox Screenshot

As mentioned in this post, inspired by MAME, I decided to purchase an old arcade cabinet (Tetris, in this case), gut it, put a PC inside, style the outside, and write a custom software front-end to allow it to play over 1,000 classic arcade games, Atari 2600 games, ColecoVision…you name it, it plays it.

It’s designed to have an early ’60s jukebox aesthetic, and I have to say that it all came out looking pretty great. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to photograph in a flattering way…but in person, it’s cool.




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