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For my personal portfolio, a Space Mountain attraction poster in the style of ’60s-era Disney posters.


Want a copy? Visit here and download.

The TILT 27″ x 40″ movie poster, used at film screenings and as a souvenir available for purchase:


Based on some faux-Disney attraction posters that I had created on my own, I was hired to create a set of seven posters for the Hong Kong Disneyland park opening on September 15, 2005. The producer that hired me wanted to preserve the silk-screened look of the original 1950s-era attraction posters, and though we had to make a few concessions I think we came pretty close to succeeding.Actual size of the posters is 30 by 45 inches. (Attraction posters are a long-standing tradition at Disney theme parks: they’re placed in the entry way to the park to promote the exciting things to see and do. They also decorate the occasional blank wall within the park.)







A Disney-inspired attraction poster that I created on my own. Posting this online led to me getting a job with Disney to do these “for real.”

Swan Boat Poster

Tomorrowland Poster  If You Had Wings Poster

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