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An invite I created for my 40th birthday party at a local tiki bar. Click to expand it to full-size.

Invite to Greg's 40th Birthday


For my personal portfolio, a Space Mountain attraction poster in the style of ’60s-era Disney posters.


Want a copy? Visit here and download.

As my first task at Bunchball, I was asked to create business cards for each employee that utilized the existing company colors and logo, with each featuring its own, unique character, selected by the employee. (Mine is the tiki.)

(As the company got larger we fortunately abandoned this strategy, as it would have taken a lot of time to create custom cards for everyone!)

The TILT 27″ x 40″ movie poster, used at film screenings and as a souvenir available for purchase:


I was commissioned by Walt Disney Imagineering to illustrate the front and back of a 24-foot billboard used in Hong Kong Disneyland’s Autopia attraction. The basic design had already been decided by Imagineering and Honda, the attraction’s sponsor, but it was up to me to create the finished work.





I was hired to create two sheets of stamps commemorating the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland on September 15, 2005. Both sheets were issued by the Hong Kong Post Office in various presentation formats, including the “nighttime” one with Mickey in a gold leaf sorcerer’s coat.



Based on some faux-Disney attraction posters that I had created on my own, I was hired to create a set of seven posters for the Hong Kong Disneyland park opening on September 15, 2005. The producer that hired me wanted to preserve the silk-screened look of the original 1950s-era attraction posters, and though we had to make a few concessions I think we came pretty close to succeeding.Actual size of the posters is 30 by 45 inches. (Attraction posters are a long-standing tradition at Disney theme parks: they’re placed in the entry way to the park to promote the exciting things to see and do. They also decorate the occasional blank wall within the park.)







It never occurred to me that I’d have the occasion to draw fried chicken, but I found the opportunity when Disney asked me to create five outdoor menus for restaurants at Hong Kong Disneyland. Three of them consisted mainly of laying out already-illustrated food items, but the two shown here were created entirely by me.

Starliner Diner close-up Comet Cafe close-up

Starliner Diner

A pair of holiday cards, one for a couple moving into a new loft, the other for a small consulting firm.


A wedding information web site designed to match pre-printed invitations. Click here to visit the web site.

picture-4.png picture-3.png

A business card designed for myself.

“The Future of Pinball” Business Card

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