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A redesign of the web site for my film The Future of Pinball (now named TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball) with a cleaner back-end architecture, a “Latest News” column, and a Flash movie.


You may or may not be familiar with MAME, an absolutely amazing piece of software that lets you run on your PC or Mac virtually any arcade video game that ever existed, from Space Invaders to Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat. Seeing MAME for the first time inspired a deep, deep desire in me to build an arcade cabinet that could play all video games known to man, which I did. The only problem is that MAME is very tricky to use…and arcade games shouldn’t be. To help solve that problem, I wrote a piece of software in Java that makes it easy to run MAME video games, displaying them as if they were songs on a ’60s-era jukebox. Click on the image below to see what the front-end looks like, or visit the Jukebox web site for further details.

Jukebox Screenshot

Design for a web site to teach math to elementary and high school students. (Though you can visit the site, it isn’t working well at the moment. Don’t be too disappointed!) Web Site

A wedding information web site designed to match pre-printed invitations. Click here to visit the web site.

picture-4.png picture-3.png

I wanted to create a blanket brand for my graphic design and film work, and thus came C3 Images. Though the brand has gone largely unused and the site has remained small, the design was inspired by 1930s-era German graphics.


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